Wildlife Lake Huitoto 3 days: Tourism has a growing demand for activities in natural areas that are of great interest to the conservation of natural biodiversity they harbor in the Peruvian jungle. For its part has an ecotourism concession in the nature reserve of Lake Huitoto – Tambopata – Madre de Dios.

Wildlife Lake Huitoto

Conservation of wetlands in Madre de Dios. The Huitoto West, East and Lake Huitoto Huitoto, aguajales become important for ecotourism activities that contribute to the economy of the local people of the place. Expeditions to Lake Huitoto, an important conservation and sustainable use of wetland resources in the region of Madre de Dios priority area – Tambopata.

Detailed Itinerary with Sandoval Lake Lodge:

Wildlife Lake Huitoto 3 days / 2 nights

Tours Day 1:

Puerto Maldonado – Lake Huitoto Lodge – River Madre de Dios

In the Puerto Maldonado airport we receive an official guide for Tourism, belonging to the hostel staff Huitoto Lake Lodge.

We will go to the Maze District, where we expect a boat outboard, travel up the Rio Madre de Dios about two hours, plus taste a typical box lunch.

wildlife lake huitoto

To reach the access point LAKE Huitoto will walk 15 minutes; where we board a catamaran to the hostel by the lake, enjoying the exuberant biodiversity that surrounds us.

Welcome and introductory talk at the same Lodge is on Lake Huitoto, which will be our place of rest.

Dinner: Lodge Dining Room

Night walk, to appreciate the wildlife that lies awake at this hour of the night, we will see birds, mammals and insects.

Tours Day 2:

Lake Huitoto Lodge – Enchanted Island

Early on you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise stroll by the lake on our catamaran and from where the songs of birds like macaws as well as listen and appreciate from the shore several species of monkeys.

Breakfast: Dining Room Lodge

By midmorning we will walk through the swamp trail to appreciate the vegetation and fauna of this vast swamp, habitat especially parrots and macaws, this hike will last approximately an hour and a half.

Lunch: Lodge Dining Room.

willdife  lake huitoto

After a short break, cross the lake to hike the trails of the Enchanted Island, a name that is given a large area that is in the middle of the lake; where we will see giant trees, insects, birds and monkeys like the howler monkey, capuchin, spider monkey and then go piranha fishing, which will be returned to the lake, the catamaran will be a need to appreciate the sunset in the sunset.

Dinner: Lodge Dining Room.

Night out catamaran to appreciate the amount of alligators that houses the LAKE huitoto, but not before receiving a little chat about alligators; we can also enjoy all the sounds of the Amazon and witness the best starry sky.

Tours Day 3:

Huitoto Lodge – Puerto Laberinto – Puerto Maldonado

Breakfast: Dining Room Travel Lodge and return at 5 a. m. canoe for two hours to the port of Laberinto, then transfer by car to the airport. This is manageable according to flight.

Includes Wildlife Lake Huitoto Lodge:

  • Airport ground transportation Puerto Maldonado – Laberinto and vice versa.
  • Transfer riverboat Outboard Laberinto – Huitoto and vice versa.
  • Fluvial catamaran transfer to Lodge and vice versa.
  • Feeding the three days. (You have vegetarian option).
  • Environmental interpreter, official guide in English.
  • Rubber boots with advance information.

Not included in Wildlife Lake Huitoto:

  • Airfare.
  • Walking to the city of Puerto Maldonado.
  • Hot water.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Bottles of water or soda.

Recommendations for travel within Lake Huitoto:

  • Take flights arriving in Cusco and / or Lima to Puerto Maldonado at noon.

What to bring to the lake Huitoto?

  • Light clothes for jungle pants, long sleeves, hats.
  • Hiking shoes.
  • Toiletries.
  • Flashlight, insect repellent, sunscreen.
  • Water bottles.


Lake Huitoto Lodge

LAKE huitoto is a Conservation Area Regional representing a biodiverse, beautiful and one of the best preserved in the Peruvian Amazon and Madre de Dios ecosystem – TAMBOPATA.

Location of Lake Huitoto:

The huitoto LAKE is in the Maze district province of Tambopata, Madre de Dios department.

Distances Lake Huitoto:

  • Puerto Maldonado – Puerto Laberinto – Puerto Rosario; 2 hours overland, Interoceanic Highway.
  • Laberinto Huitoto Puerto Rosario to 2 hours waterway industry, outboard.
  • Sector Huitoto – Enchanted Island Lodge via catamaran 1 hour.

Infrastructure Lodge Huitoto:

LODGE has 5 spacious cabins, each with own toilets; a large dining room and kitchen. Also suitable and above all very friendly staff. Water service manantial- -of all day, electricity (18h00-21h00 motor), septic tank. In addition we have our own boats and catamarans.

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