Through the establishment of the Tambopata National Reserve Tour is the result of efforts of various individuals and institutions to conserve ecosystems Tambopata . It was founded in 1977 with the name of the Tambopata Reserved Zone , with an area of ​​5,500 ha surrounding Explorer’s Inn , ranking between the river La Torre, the Tambopata River and Hell Broken territory. Extension of 4, 478,942,45 ha ( including the Tambopata of 1,478,942,45 ha) , where I think the name of the Tambopata Reserved Zone was expanded in 1990 , occupying part of the territory of the regions of Madre de Dios and Puno . Tambopata Reserved Zone this transitional category remained until the year 1996. Part of the area is attached to the Pampas del Heath National Sanctuary to form the Bahuaja Sonene , and the remaining area was pending categorization , and in 2000 , was established with the name of the Tambopata National Reserve. In it, a portion goes to the extension of Bahuaja Sonene National Park and 262.315 ha are excluded to form part of the buffer zone of the two Protected Areas ( INRENA 2003).

Tambopata National Reserve

The Tambopata National Reserve is then established on an area of ​​274,690,00 ha ( INRENA 2003) , located in the province of Tambopata in Madre de Dios region . It should be noted that the local population ( native chestnut , miners, farmers) , the tourism sector and trade organizations were involved directly and / or indirectly with the processes of categorization and management of the Tambopata National Reserve.

Millennium creating Tambopata Tour:

Building objectives correspond to the establishment of the Tambopata Reserved Zone : Protecting wildlife and the scenic beauty of the Tambopata National Reserve Tour, conserve and evaluate natural and cultural resources, and to investigate the potential use of natural resources and the participation of neighboring communities in the management of these resources.

Specifies Diversity in Tambopata :

There was research conducted between the years ’70 and ’80 where more than 570 species of birds and butterflies 1200 and many other groups of animals were recorded. Over 150 types of trees were found over an area
0.01 km2, making it one of the World Centres of Plant Diversity identified by IUCN and WWF ( TReeS , 1989).
In flora, there have been 1,713 species belonging to 654 genera of 145 families being 1637 of flowering plants ( 127 families and 622 genera) and 76 ferns ( 18 families and 32 genera ) .
In 1,260 wildlife species have been recorded , 93 species of amphibians, 648 species of birds, 108 species of mammals, 88 species of reptiles and 323 species of fish.

Genetic Diversity in Tambo leg :
The reserve has a high biological diversity expressed in the various groups of flora and fauna.

The Climate Tambopata Tour:

The climate is the wet or very humid subtropical forest, with a temperature
annual average of 26 ° C. Low temperatures are conditioned by cold Antarctic winds that arrive at irregular intervals through the Andes and enter the Amazon basin . The presence of cold winds , ” cold spell ” occurs with greater intensity in the months of June and July.
The maximum temperatures reach 38 ° C and regularly in the months of
September to October. Annual rainfall ranges from 1,600 mm to 2,400 mm.
The monthly rainfall is variation throughout the year , presenting rainy months
Highest (December to March ) , transition months ( April, May, October, November) and dry season months (June, July , August and September). But throughout the year you can travel to Tambopata Tour because its climate is hot and humid .

Social and Cultural Activities in Native Communities and Associations :

The expressions and celebrations of associations known as popular and cultural , are given clear in a sequel to civic celebrations , established mainly national , regional and locally, executed in school or similar spaces .

The main celebrations are festive , the anniversary of the associations or communities , holding carnivals, San Juan, Virgen de la Candelaria , anniversary
Puerto Maldonado , Easter , and others such as new year, mother , worker ,
Anniversary of the school , Father’s Day .
Sport is present as a means of socialization , therefore the anniversary of
Any association , community sector or the well-known championship soccer, especially the international communities are organized.
For native communities the custom and tradition have historical support , and great
Social and cultural importance according to their worldview , transmitted from generation to generation orally . The main events include ritual , song and dance, in recognition and devotion to deities and tutelary spirits , and whose compliance is strict .

Tourism in Tambopata :

Tourism in the ANP of Peru is an activity that develops criteria
sustainability and mitigation of negative impacts , which can become a tool for conservation in areas that support tourism.
The RNTAMB is regarded as the first destination of nature in the SINANPE and second in
revenue collection after the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu , by the existence of
important tourism-oriented attractions like macaw clay licks , wolves and mountain rivers , lakes , trails , rivers , charismatic species and high biodiversity that counts ( RNTAMB , 2009).

Tourist Attractions in Tambopata Tour:

The attractions visited RNTAMB are grouped into sectors , within which were
Checkpoints installed and Surveillance ( PCV) responsible for recording control and monitor the activity. The sectors are defined : Sandoval Lake , Tambopata mean the PCV Alto de La Torre and Tambopata with PCV Malinowski . Then the tourist hierarchy detailed in the inventory of tourism resources of Peru prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism ( MINCETUR , 2011 ) and the result of the evaluation of tourist attractions tourist Use Plan are: colorado Lick , Lick chuncho , Lick the tower Sachavacayoc Lake , Lake Sentenced I, II Condemned Lake , Lake Cocococha , tower Lake , Lake katicocha , Lago Sandoval, and much more we have to visit in Tambopata .

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