Short description of the Tambopata Expeditions – Macaw Clay-Lick of Chuncho:

The Tambopata National Reserve is situated in Tambopata River Basin in the south-east of Peru and the south of the city of Puerto Maldonado. It covers an area of 274,690 hectares. Objectives, for which the Peruvian government established this important reserve in 1990, are to preserve its flora, fauna and ecological processes as a sample of the Amazon tropical rainforest as well as to create conservation processes that ensure sustainable use of natural resources and landscape. The Tambopata National Reserve possesses one of the highest levels of biodiversity worldwide!! Among its most common ecosystems belong palm swamps, riparian forests, marshes and bamboo groves, which physical characteristics allow local people make use of natural resources.

On this tour, we visit the most famous clay-lick of the Tambopata National Reserve – Chuncho Clay-Lick!! Chuncho is a 10 meter high muddy side bank of the Tambopata River. The clay-lick attracts many species of macaws, parrots and parakeets because of nutritive consistence of its earth! The most precious Chuncho´s visitor is the gorgeous scarlet macaw!

Other places, which we tour, are the stunning El Gato Waterfall, Sandoval Lake with its typical inhabitants – a family of giant river otters and a local specific – a palm clay-lick!

Quick Itinerary of the Tambopata Expeditions – Macaw Clay Lick of Chuncho:

  • Day 1: Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata Expeditions – Chuncho Lodge
  • Day 2: Tambopata Expeditions – Chuncho Lodge – Macaw´s Clay-Lick of Chuncho – El Gato Waterfall
  • Day 3: Tambopata Expeditions – Chuncho Lodge – Puerto Maldonado – Sandoval Lake – Sandoval Lake Lodge
  • Day 4: Tambopata Expeditions – Sandoval Lake Lodge – Collpa de Palmeras – Sandoval Lake
  • Day 5: Tambopata Expeditions – Sandoval Lake Lodge – Sandoval Lake – Madre de Dios River – Puerto Maldonado

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