Medicinal Plant of the Tambopata


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Description of Medicinal Plant the Tambopata :

I mentioned earlier about the chemical warfare between plants and herbivores and there is a wonderful resource for us humans as a result of this. The chemical that plants produce for their defense are being used extensively all over the world in the treatment of illnesses and disease.

Many drugs available over the counter today originated in the tropics, for example: Although, Quinine is manufactured artificially now, it originally came from the bark of a Peruvian rainforest tree and has saved the lives of countless malaria sufferers.

Pharmaceutical research being done at the moment to find out what other cures lie hidden the plants perphasps the best way to find out about cures and treatments in the amazon rainforest is to ask the Shamans (medicine men) of the indigenous tribes their astounding accumulated knowledge of medicinal plants and procedures is vanishing with the most recent generations taking little interest in ancient ways however some work is being done in conjunctions with Shamans to understand a little of what we are so ignorant of and hopefully that knowledge will not be lost forever Less than one parent of tropical of tropical plants have been tested thoroughly for the existence of useful chemical compounds what else lies waiting to be found Some medicinal plant local name Piper (piperacae) medicinal user by chewing a leaf or sucking on crushed leaves the mouth is numbed and the locals use it to treat toothache and mouth ulcers

Costus Caña Caña medicinal uses drink the fresh juice of the stalk (heated) for diahorrea intestinal complaints stomach pain measles whooping cough head aches and as a tonic also bathe with the fresh stalks to reduce fever

philodendron. itininga (English name, cheese plant medicinal use mix the sap of the growing tip with lemon juice and apply an the sting of the isula ant or viper bite

ficus: oje (English name fig medicinal use use the fresh white resin to treat intestinal parasites

bobinsana (leguminosaidae) medicinal use the roots to treat rheumatism the humble papaya is a surprisingly useful plant with many medicinal applications

  1. drink the resin of the unripe fruit for intestinal parasites or eat the toasted seeds
  2. Apply scrapings of the root to destroy tooth cavities
  3. Eat young leaves in a salad
  4. Crush the mature leaves and use as soap
  5. Drink a tea made with the flowers of the male plant for coughs asthma and bronchitis

There is also a common species of fungus called dead man finger (a black finger like

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