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The Shihuahuaco: or ironwood tree is a goliath of tambopata the huge rusty colored mottled trunk and buttresses are unmistakable it is wood is very hard and dense (ironwood is an apt name) and actually sinks in water the Shamans (medicine men) and of the area treat the shihuahuaco with respect as it is a very sacred tree with many spiritual links when the shaman goes into a hallucinogenic trance he will often visit the spirit of the ironwood to learn about his patient and to find a herbal cure once spoke to shaman about his experiences and he told me is plants and animal spirits and strange sounds all to be interpreted for the individual in need of a cure


Is another giant of the rainforest it has light grey bar with vertical black stripes and large buttressed roots :LUPUNA is also a good spirit of the forest in fact it is known as the mother spirit and a delightful story is told by the local Indians which goes something like this.

A young couple very much in love (nearly all stories star this way in Peru) lived on a farm in the northern part of south America they lived peacefully and happily until a passing the spirit spied the girl and decided that had to have her the spirit whisked her away to a nearby shack and tried seducing her but her love was too strong for the spirit and she fought him of this made the evil spirit very angry and his revenge was swift and evil he stole the young girl is object of love her husband and took him to a far off land never to be seen again not satisfied with this he then turned on the girl and changed her into a plump little bird with stumpy wings and a chicken is head called about it was all too much for the: tinamuo she wandered about for days feeling very lonely and sorry for herself wadding along one day she bumped into the mother spirit : Lupuna ,who took pity on her the spirit was a very powerful spirit and created the Amazon rainforest and all it is varied inhabitants to keep her company ,they evil spirit heard of this deed and saw all the amazing creatures roaming about in their new home he was furious and took a huge axe from his hut to go and confront Lupuna: when the mother spirit was felled she crashed to the ground and her trunk formed the mighty Amazon River her branches formed all the tributaries and her buttress roots became the delta to this day the lonely Tinamou can still be heard calling out for her lover where are you it is the only bird that can be heard all through the day and night as for the evil spirit well that is another story.

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