National Sanctuary Pampas of Heath Tambopata: Getting to the pampas of taking a flight directly heath lime Maldonado city port via box lasts 2 hours there you start the adventure in river boat down the Alto Madre de Dios about 5 hoursBus ride from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado to 10 hours soon.


The Pampas of Heath National Sanctuary. was created in June 1983 by Supreme Decree No. 046 -83- AG, is located in the extreme south – eastern part of Peru, a territory bordering Bolivia . Delimited by the rivers Heath and Palma Real , has an area of 102 109 was protected as the unique ecosystem of wet grasslands or savannas of Peru .It serves as the natural boundary of distribution of tropical forests extending northeast of the Sanctuary.

The plains themselves are what give name to the protected area and cover just over 5000 of it, gradually expanding across the Peru- Bolivia border in the Pampas calls Mojos.

Las Pampas del Heath is one of the least known ecosystems of Peru. The landscape resembles a yellow – orange sea , dotted with palm groves and inside.

The plain is almost perfect, much like the vast African plains, and is covered by a homogeneous pasture grasses nearly two meters high. During the rainy season, between December and April, the pampas are converted into a huge quagmire from which emerge only a few islands of vegetation , palm trees palm ( Mauritia flexuosa ) and hundreds of termite mounds that rise up to three feet above the surface. Fauna of the Pampas of Heath.

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