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Puerto Maldonado  Tambopata Amazon Other Insects

There is an academic appeal to cockroaches which in any other sphere are seen as pretty revolting creatures. Cockroaches have a most distinguished lineage having existed on the planet for some 300 million years.

Cosmopolitan pests, they are persistent and hardy, able to survive considerable maltreatment, as anyone who has tried to kill one knows. Aside from various species found around huts, homes and hotels, guests would probably not want to encounter the world’s largest cockroach megaloblatta longípennis, recorded from Colombia at 9.68cm long and 4.50cm across.

In Tambopata Amazon curiously, this fact is never cited in tour operator brochures stretches out an olive branch to the beleaguered insects saying: ‘They do not bite or sting, nor do they carry vile diseases.

So relax and enjoy them. You might as well. In the Neotropics at least, they are always close by it is said some people have been driven mad by the ever-present electronic rasping of cicadas, with the appearance of huge flies. Our intrepid reporter Bates thought they had a harsh jarring tone… a long and loud note resembling the steam whistle of a locomotive Like the rest of their order (Hemiptera), cicadas possess a sharp, hypodermic proboscis to suck plant fluids.

They are diverse in Tambopata Amazon, varying size from about 10 to 50mm, and sound out different songs according to species to mark territory and attract mates. Assassin bugs (one of which causes Chagas disease) use the implement to suck animal fluids, usually from other insects.

Most hemipterans are less than r0mm long but you can see them if you examine closely a green stem or leaf. Here you will also find aphids, such as greenfly and plant-lice, leaf-hoppers, which jump as you go to touch them, scale insects which look like tiny shields and mealy bugs, which are fluffy or spiky covered with a whitish woolly substance. Most sedentary plant-suckers produce some of defensive chemical as a defense against predators and parasites in Tambopata Amazon.

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