The Fig Tree Amazing of the Rainforest

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The  Fig  Tree Amazing  of the  Rainforest :

The amazing fig tree really is amazing many of them are stranglers and actually start life as vines a fig is eaten by a bird or monkey and deposited up in the crown of another tree where it germinates and proceeds to grow it sends down a network of tendrils around the trunk of its host tree which on contact with the ground start to link up and swell gradually the fig crown steals light from the host tree and the ladder like trunk of the fig constricts it is growth eventually resulting in the host is demise as the original tree rots away consumed and fungi all that is left is the strangler standing on it is own and often hollow in the middle the story does not end here however because the humble fig is not a fruit at all it is a flower or rather a cluster of flowers with a gourd like covering the fig contains both male and female flowers and sterile gall flowers however even though the males are right next to the females it is impossible for them to pollinate from inside the same fig due to the fact that the female flowers mature earlier than the males each fig species has it is little helpers to get over this problem and they come in the form of tiny fig wasps the female wasp (family agoamidae) crawls in though a tiny hole in the fig and lays her eggs in the sterile gall flowers males hatch out first and inseminate the female wasp inside their eggs the males the die and the females hatch out (carrying the next generations of fig wasps already ) and crawl over mature male flowers inside the fig picking up pollen they then exit the fig and quickly (within a day or so ) find a nearby fig to crawl into and lay their eggs walking over mature female flowers inside the fig the process and Pollinating once the female wasp has laid her eggs in the gall flowers she dies but she was ensured the net generations of fig wasps and figs as well however there are cheats that utilize the figs wasps that lay their eggs inside the fig without even entering it

a) Section though a fig showing a female fig was playing egg inside

b) Parasitic wasp laying egg inside fig without actually entering the fig and pollinating the flowers

Centre strangler fig

Left capirona tree

Right walking palm

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