Geography and History of Mother of God

The region of Madre de Dios is located in the southeastern corner of Peru , near the border with Bolivia and Brazil. It is the most accessible rainforest and adventure from Cusco .

It was formerly known as Antisuyo during the reign of the Inca Empire, has a history of extraction of natural resources ( rubber boom , gold mining , oil exploration ) . Despite all this activity of exploitation of natural resources by man , however 98% of the territory is comprised of virgin forest with a nature outside contamination. It is a territory with low population density in the protected ecosystem Peru Amazon jungle, and represents the largest and richest area for biodiversity in the world who visit.

Mother of God has three protected areas:

  1. Manu National Park and Reserve Zone ,
  2. Tambopata Reserved Zone – Candamo
  3. Sonene – The Bahuaja .

Currently have created two more additional areas such as :

  1. Amarakaeri Communal Reserve ,
  2. Purus Reserved Zone with similarly large areas.

Puerto Maldonado Manu :

It is the capital of Madre de Dios being the starting point / start for adventure trips Tambopata rivers in Madre de Dios . Everyday there are flights from Cusco or Lima to the city of Puerto Maldonado. For the more adventurous traveler who likes to walk , there a dirt road from Cusco it takes a minimum of 1 day trip by bus. The regional capital is Puerto Maldonado, an even smaller town that was founded in the year of 1,912 . It is the most important city in the southern jungle. It is located 210 meters above sea level at the junction of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers. There is a high season of tourism in Puerto Maldonado in the months of May to November each year , but every day visit the Peruvian Amazon . Many people walk around the main square and surrounding streets and restaurants like the pizzerias , gelato and trade in general and even nightclubs. All this provides an excellent opportunity to make a nice scale before and after visits to the depth of the Amazon jungle of Tambopata and sandoval lake.

Lake Sandoval :

It lies within the Tambopata National Reserve . It is a fantastic place to watch a wide variety of wildlife including the macaw clay lick , a variety of small parrots , herons , kingfishers , caimans , turtles and giant otters. is located about 8 km. approximately 1 hour from Puerto Maldonado ( including about 15 minutes by canoe downstream from the Mother River of God.) For many the Sandoval Lake is the most beautiful of Amazonian lakes that exist, it is recommended in the magazine destination specialist ” Conde Nest ” . Is populated by 8 families of farmers engaged in ecotourism providing hosting service in one of their homes where they have adapted an area for passengers. There is another more senior Lodge amenities . Fishing is prohibited even for tourists. It is accessed by a trail of 3.5 km. spanning secondary forests (forests that have been partially cut ) where you can see and observe many birds , monkeys, sea lion , and many varieties of butterflies and species of the area.

The clay lick , Chuncho and Colorado :

Are geological formations where large amounts of clay lick and animals gather to eat the clay walls of canyons rich in minerals . They are in the Bahuaja Sonene between 5 or 6 hours by boat from Puerto Maldonado. Manu Jungle Trips and Sandoval Lake Lodge offers daily to the macaw clay licks of Colorado Chuncho and outputs.

Lake Valencia:

It offers excellent opportunities for bird watching and observing nature . It is located 60 km. ( 1.5 hours by fast boat ride) from Puerto Maldonado, near the Bolivian border, downstream of the Madre de Dios River. Bordered Tambopata Reserve but not within it. This lake is the largest and most important of the entire region is the richest in wildlife, you can easily observe the life of animals such as alligators , turtles and other mammals in the area. We present a family of giant otters but due to the vastness of the lake is not always possible to see them have to be very lucky to see them. Unique species also inhabit as Paiche the largest fish of the Peruvian Amazon that grows up to 3 meters species. It is inhabited by about 32 families committed to ecotourism also engaged in fishing and gathering . The trip allows us to observe the nearby indigenous communities and the islands of monkeys. You can also visit the ” licks ” (rich in salt formations which attract many animals ) and you can see the gold mines . there are several trails around the lake that lead to different types of forests. The only tourist infrastructure is composed of a shelter that has all the amenities for tourists. The option of camping is also an excellent alternative allows you to donate even more direct contact with the wildlife and nature of the Amazon rainforest .

The oxbow lake :

It is a lake formed by the River Tambopata , smaller than others but equally beautiful and beautiful to be visited , it is within the buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve bordering territories of the native community of Infierno . Due to its small size relative to others , visitors can observe with more ease and security giant otters oxbow lake . Its tourist infrastructure is in its infancy, has a small comfortable and safe haven for tourists. The option of camping is allowed and is an excellent alternative for those not wishing to share a room or prefer to stay overnight in direct contact with nature and animals oxbow lake .

Tupac Amaru Chorrillos and Lake :

It is an ancient place of the Madre de Dios River. It is located about 14 kilometers from Puerto Maldonado , the area is a protected natural area , accessed by bus or motorcycle land , crossing the picturesque rural landscapes chorrillos lake. It is a beautiful lake with more human intervention than neighboring lakes , the forest still always surprises and you could see a family of capybaras , monkeys and other mammals and tupac amaru chorrillos lake . It is ideal for paddling , fishing and swimming and very safe with no danger. Worth the walk and walk because it’s fun and you can see aspects not seen in other tours travel like it is: the lifestyle of local people and agricultural activity in the region , in a setting of magnificent views of Madre de Dios River. It also serves as a training for your travel experience the wildest lakes in the Peruvian Amazon being more intense and adventurous.

Las Pampas del Heath :

It is located on the border with Bolivia , has high pastures where they cover large areas of over 100,000 have , there are no forests in this place , only grow small shrubs in the pampas of heath , but is rich in wildlife, live there and live 2 endemic species. One type of fox called maned wolf and the marsh deer , it is also common to see large anacondas and jaguars . During the rainy season the area is flooded and dangerous. It is the only area of ​​the Peruvian rainforest with savanna characteristics therefore was initially considered as a National Shrine and was subsequently included at Bahuaja Sonene National Park.

Native communities :

There are five language groups and over 30 ethnic groups scattered throughout the department of Puerto Maldonado , a part of them live separately from the original clans and have mixed with the foreign population, but even many of those living on reservations or preserved communities . There are also several groups that have not yet been contacted by civilization , they live in the north of the department and do not want to have contact with us for fear of our weapons and diseases that they can transmit it . They are nomadic groups, there is now a movement led by RAC (Regional Environmental Commission of Mother of God ) to declare that area as a reserve area to allow the peaceful survival of these groups and prevent talent and preying on the resources of their forests.

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