Amazon Peru is divided into eight regions naturally , two of Which are included in the Amazon basin : the highland rainforest : and the lowland rainforest. 30 Protected Natural Areas Here can be found (of the 67 overall in the country They each have different levels of protection in the interest of preserving the biodiversity and the ecosystems That are found in them.

The Highland rainforest or Rupa Rupa i400 – 1000 masl ) is geographically though it does POSSESS sloped valleys That are almost flat . Its abundant rivers , That flow into the Amazon , course through deep canyons , cutting through the mountain chains to get through them , forming pongos That comes from a Quechua word ( puncu , que means door) .

The climate is very humid and warm during the day and just a little chilly at night . It has a rainy season Between November and April ( it rains Between 3,000 and 8,000 mm a year ) During May to October and it has sporadic rainfall .

Its flora, due to its diverse ecological plans , is EXTENSIVE . More than 200 species can be found per hectare. The most common trees in the highland area of the intermediate and Rupa Rupa are the Pasayo ( Bombax discolour ) , the sandbox tree ( Hura crepitans ) , llishi tree ( Jacquinia pubescens) and diverse types of palm trees : such as the palm starnut ( Astrocaryum huicungo ) and American oil palm ( Scheelea cephalotes ) . On the branches of These trees epiphytes abound : such as the bromeliads :

Tillandsia , Guzmania , Pitcairnia , as well as orchids , ferns and vines .The shrubs in the zone are mainly herbs .

The most notorious of These species are the ( Myrica pubescens) tangarana ( Triplaris pavonu ) and the Coca ( Erythroxylum coca) .

In the lower part of this region, the forests are leafy and very high (50 meters) and the ground is covered by fallen branches and trees That naturally form labyrinths.

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