Amazon Native Community Amarakayre 4 days: Until the early fifties, the Amarakaeri was one of the most isolated groups in the jungle. Outsiders commonly referred to as “Mashcos”. He was a warrior people who fought to strangers with bow and arrow. They lived on a hill in the Andean foothills, called sapite, among the thousand and 1200 meters above sea level. The ground was covered by a dense tangled vegetation,

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surrounded by streams and rushing rivers. Often hiding any warrior group that could threaten its survival. It is said that another group, called the huachipayre, defeated the enemies of the aratbut. With the disappearance of their dreaded enemies, the aratbut began to move to the headwaters of the Alto Madre de Dios River in search of better lands. When they got off sapite, were divided into several subgroups. It seems that when they changed location, also renamed. A Dominican priest made peaceful contact with one of these subgroups in 1951.

Detailed Itinerary with Sandoval Lake Lodge

Amazon Native Community Amarakayre 4 days / 3 nights

  • Destination: Tambopata, Native Community Amarakayre, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios
  • Tours Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
  • Price from person: us $ 00.00

Amazon Package includes native community Amarakaire 4 days and 3 nights accommodation based on double and / or triple rooms with shared bathrooms in the Peruvian jungle.

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Airport and / or Hotel in Puerto Maldonado – Airport transfers – Lodge.
All land and water transportation as per itinerary.
All the excursions with bilingual official guide (English / Spanish).
Meals specified in the itinerary, vegetarian options (advance notice).
Check Out Service, the last day ends at 10.00 am.

Tours Day 1:

Reception at the airport and Lunch, Puerto Maldonado, Maze, Madre de Dios, native community Amarakaire

Reception at the airport by your guide Business transfer to the office to leave your bags, transfer to a typical restaurant in the city Puerto Maldonado (Lunch). Transfer star or bus depending on the number of passengers by the Interoceanic highway to the Maze District 45 minutes to Amazon. Then travel by canoe with outboard 60 HP plying on the river Madre de Dios for 1 hour to the native community AMARAKAYRE, arriving approximately. At 5 p.m. to Amazon. Reception by the indigenous inhabitants, CAMPIN accommodation at night in (tents or tents in the Amazon). Subsequently participation in cultural events in the native community as (dances, songs, campfire, painting) etc. DINNER 7.30 pm. A typical dinner of the jungle call (Juanes).

Tours Day 2:

Amarakayre community, Community Amarakayre, Lake Huitoto

MOVING BOAT 7.30am. – BOX LUNCH ON ROUTE 8:00 a.m.. Exit AMARAKAYRE Community, the ride is 2.30 am on the way observe wildlife, to arrive to the port Huitoto sector and a walk of 15 minutes in the Amazon is made. On a trail, reaching the edge of the lake to be carried on a catamaran or rowboat for about 45 minutes. Through the Lake Huitoto and during the journey appreciate varieties of birds including toucans,

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hoatzin, herons, kingfisher, caimans, cormorants etc. etc., then get to the pier and be recepcionados by administrator lodge with a welcome drink fruit juices with rich region and to then be distributed to their respective Bungalows. LUNCH at 24:30. Relax in the hostel facilities. Departure after lunch 4.00 pm. Departure by catamaran or boat to the Lake to observe more of flora and fauna that live near the lake, such as monkeys, birds, alligators, lazy or pelejo and do piranha fishing in the jungle, and appreciate the sunset sunset Amazons. The evening at 6 pm. Approx. Perform caimaneada and Power appreciate the powerful and brilliant night caiman eyes using this lanterns.

NIGHT WALK 6.00 pm. Night walk to observe species of insects such as spiders, tarantulas, grasshoppers, bat, owl monkeys and others. etc. Etc. DINNER

Tours Day 3:

Huitoto Lake, Enchanted Island, botanical walk

They will leave at 5 am to take a tour boat or catamaran on the lake to watch the sunrise over Lake Huitoto and the awakening of the macaws and watch Lakeshore variety of birds dawn, and will also appreciate the variety of monkeys in the Enchanted Island such as the Coto Makisapa or howler monkey capuchin, squirrel, titi, and others shansho or prehistoric birds, and you can see a family of otters (Giant Otters). Huitoto LAKE LODGE offers abundant wildlife around 60 species of resident birds in the lake where the macaws stand about 5 species these are easy to observe or take pictures from catamaran After we returned for breakfast.

BREAKFAST 7.30am. BOTANICAL WALK 9.30am. Out walking the trails and see part of the marshland which highlight aguajales palms 25-30 meters long calls aguajes, while primary forest to observe the different species of trees that stand in the area as the ceiba , the chestnut trees, fire tree, iron tree and many other similar species, in turn you can see different species of medicinal plants in the area. With great chance to see Jaguar, Puma, harpy eagle
ALMUERSO 24:30. WALK ON THE TRAILS OF THE ENCHANTED ISLAND where you. You will appreciate in natural habitat as the spider monkey (Maquisapa) or howler monkey and catamaran ride along the LAGO where you can observe during the journey varieties of birds such as herons shansho toucan, kingfisher, cormorant, darter, macaws, alligators etc. Return to the lodge 6.00pm. DINNER 7.30 pm. – Relax in the hostel facilities Huitoto Lodge.

Tours Day 4,

Output Lodge Hostel Huitoto Return to Puerto Maldonado

RETURN – BREAKFAST POT 7.30am. Return journey out of the hostel at 5am on the Lake, then go canoeing 2 hours travel to the town of Laberinto, breakfast on the boat, car shuttle bus for 45 mn. And I pick up luggage in the office and then to the airport.

Information: Amazon Native Community Amarakayre

The Native Community Amarakayre at the time of initial contact, the aratbut lived as the Stone Age. Went naked into the Amazon, only men were covered with intricate red and black designs painted on their bodies, and some of them were painted from head to toes. Feather ornaments were put on special occasions such as ritual dances of puberty. Women’s body also wore skirts painted and made of bark cloth in the same forest that wrapped around the waist.

the Amarakayre lived in groups of fifty to a hundred people in large communal roof houses of woven palm leaves reaching to the ground. They slept on mats of palm bark, inches from the floor. When cleaned the brush to farms, using stone axes. They used sticks cultivation of palm tree bark very hard to dig and plant, and used bows and arrows for hunting and fishing. They used rodent teeth and bamboo carving party as cutting tools for the forest.

His worldview of the native community Amarakayre was and somehow remains animist. Living under the fear of the spirits of the forest and the river. Witchcraft practiced by men and women, causing them fear and tension. After the death of a man, young or old, people tried to find out who had caused her death.

Once, when a young man of apparent good health died without cause, an old man said he had a vision of four women who buried the bones of a wild turkey to cause the death of the young. The townsmen grabbed women were beaten with sticks and machetes and thrown unconscious into the river. A revived and escaped and three were drowned. They believed that some elders had power and special skills to protect the native community of Amarakayre within the Amazons.

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