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Hostels or Lodge – Sandoval Lake – Tambopata Tours:

  • The location of structures and infrastructure in major tourist attractions are located at a distance not less than 2 km from the nearest shores of a mirror or body of water, in a straight line.
  • Structures and infrastructure will be adapted tourism base as possible to the environment, minimizing negative landscape changes, both in form and in material or finish, trying to blend in and get lost in the viewshed of the local landscape.
  • The details for the design and implementation of areas and / or sharing attractive, be defined in the Site Plans.
  • It should be taken as an architectural model traditional or indigenous building style of the area, without neglecting the functionality, safety, quality and minimize negative impacts.
  • The materials resulting from clean areas for tourism operations (such as weeds) that are not used are left in the forest to biodegradation in order to minimize impacts.
  • The use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies for both the generation and use of energy, and for the treatment and disposal of solid and liquid waste is promoted.

Campgrounds – Sandoval Lake – Tambopata Tours:

  • Promote, implement a planned and put the infrastructure, equipment and signaling, which makes it feasible and facilitates
  • the visit, ensuring personal safety and quality of the tourist experience, minimizing the negative environmental impacts
  • or social.
  • The sizing and capacity must be installed for low impact tourism.
  • Once completed overnight, tour operator outside the Reserve removed all waste generated in areas of camp.
  • Only allowed in the reserve prior approval of the Chief, construction areas for camping in camps designated for this purpose (with fixed platforms). They are intended for accommodation, lookouts, hiding places, restrooms, observation towers, piers and other services. The feasibility of this infrastructure must be expressed and technically proven.
  • When camping operator complies with the standards established by the National Tours Tambopata Reserve, according to the law that has been granted in accordance with regulations and the terms of reference as may be agreed in each case.
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