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Amazon Lodge Albergue: Is located in the reserve sandoval lake located in the north west part of the city of Cusco, hostel maloka its buildings are typical in the Amazon jungle of Peru, the ceilings are woven palm leaves ,Night lighting is provided by battery-supported sources that are loaded with solar panels during the day ,private, double, triple and single rooms with their own private showers and bathrooms

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Amazon Trail Full Day:

Amazon birds (jacana jacana) Along the shores of Sandoval lakes. Wattled Jacanas (Jacana jacana) often forage among the floating vegetation. Jacanas have enormously long toes and nails which work on the same principle as that of the snow shoe: their weight is thus widely displaced. Because of their specialized feet, Jacanas are able to easily walk across a cochas numerous floating plants. There, they seek out small aquatic plants and animal life that other birds are unable to reach.

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Jungle Tours 2days/ 1night:

Amazon Birds (Great Egret) A Great Egret (Egretta alba) waits motionlessly alongside an oxbow shaped lake for any sudden movement that might indicate the presence of prey. Great Egrets feed mostly on fish and other aquatic organisms that they hunt along lakeshore edges. They have an enormous distribution, ranging literally around the planet wherever marshy or pond areas are found.

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Amazon Travel 3days/ 2nights:

Rainforest Malmals : (large rodents) on trails or canoe rides, a creature resembling an over-size guinea-pig on a diet is occasionally seen by a sharp-eyed observer. the animal is most likely a large rodent, of which the capybara is the best-known. capybara characteristically, species in this group are strictly terrestrial and uniformly coloured, with a low stance, long legs and either a small or no tail.

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Adventure Travel 4days/ 3nights:

Amazon Adventure Travel – Canopy walkway : You can literally walk among the treetops right in the middle of the rainforest canopy, the site of the highest biodiversity in the world, strolling among the leafy branches and enjoying the ‘high life. The walkway is among tierra firme forest, atop a ridge. The steps take you around and up trunks and branches – through the lush vegetation, to the tops of immense trees. built on a slope, from the walkway’s higher points you can see over the trees: a rolling ocean of multi-hued green, unbroken forest stretching as far as the eye can see. It is an awe-inspiring sight.

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